Six items of kit every photographer should pack in their camera bag! - Naneu Camera Bags

No, we’re not talking about cameras and lenses. Pro photographer, and Naneu’s Communication Manager, Matty Graham, counts down the six real world accessories that will make any photoshoot that little bit easier….

So, you’ve charged up the batteries, formatted the memory cards and packed your camera and lenses into your bag, ready to go. But along with the spare glass and the DSLR, there’s also some extra accessories serious photographers should slip into their bags before leaving the house.

6 – Spare phone
A spare charger to give a flat phone some more juice is great, but what if the worst has happened and you’ve dropped or somehow broken your phone. For pro photographers, especially wedding photographers who operate on tight schedules, a spare phone is an essential piece of kit. It doesn’t have to be anything flash, a cheap, entry-level phone is fine, but try and pick a model on a different network to your main phone. This is because different networks perform differently in different areas, so if you can’t get a signal on your main phone, the back-up may just save the day.

5 – Cleaning kit
If you look after your cameras, they will look after you, and this means cleaning them. Always pack a microfibre wipe to clean optics in between lens swaps and, if your budget will stretch to it, additional cleaning materials for the body and sensor. Sensors pick up all manner of speckles and dust so, as a rule of thumb, you should be cleaning them every six months.

4 – Charger (plus lead)
It’s happened to us all! Despite your best planning, the occasion will come when you pack a flat battery and/or forget spares. Don’t let a flat battery cut short your day of photography – pack a charger with a lead. Even if you are out and about, you can always pull into a McDonalds and get some quick charge while you down a coffee before heading out again for some more time with the camera.

3 – Extra lens caps
It’s as if the moment I step out of my studio, I suddenly enter black hole or Bermuda Triangle. End caps that keep the dust out of optics, and lens caps which project the front element just disappear – I can’t be the only photography that experience this oddity! So, I always pack extra. If you need more, you can pick them for a few dollars off internet auction sites. It may seem an innocuous extra to pack, but a three dollar cap could stop you damaging a $2000 lens! Simple maths!

2 – Tape
‘Fix it’ tape can rescue you from so many potential disasters. Perhaps a leg-lock fails on your tripod, or the filter holder breaks? Pack a roll of adhesive tape and you’ll be ready for anything. Bonus: I also pack a tiny multi-tool in my bag as well!

1 – Business cards
You never know when a job opportunity may open up. People are naturally curious and will often approach you to say hello, ask about your camera kit and strike up conversation. You’d be surprised by the amount of times that I’ve been chatting to somebody and they’ve told me they need to hire a photographer. Out come the business cards and, boom, a commission in the bag!

What others items always have a home in your camera bag? Get in touch and let us know!