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About Us

Naneu camera and laptop bags were founded by a former military member whose ideology was to make high quality bags that don’t look like camera bags for security purposes. The result was the inauguration of the Military Ops series, which incorporates the back side opening system (our original concept) to conceal the camera and its gear. Our bags are casual in look but smart in design; constructed out of military-grade materials and fashioned in a military-type design.

This exceptional design grew to be recognized amongst the leading brands in its sector of the photography industry. Although most of our products are targeted at the photography market, the majority of them are so versatile they can be adapted to fulfill your non-photography related needs.

We work meticulously to keep pace with current industry trends, as well as consumer demands. In the past few years, we have vastly expanded our offerings to include not only cases for professional and amateur photographers, but also Outdoorsmen as well. Here at Naneu, we are always in pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction and therefore all of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your gear is protected.