5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Naneu Bag Could Help You With... - Naneu Camera Bags

Naneu bags are great at carrying and protecting your kit, but they also do a whole lot more. Matty Graham explains the additional benefit of our great photo bags…

Five – Staying hydrated
When you’re out and about in the field, capturing beautiful images all day, it’s easy to forget to drink and get dehydrated. Most Naneu bags have special zip or mesh pockets for you to stow away a bottle of water so you can take an H2o break in between capturing frames. One trick I like to use with my Outlander 35L is to take the hydration pouch from my CamelBack running bag and place it into the oversize laptop compartment. That way I don’t even have to take the bag off my shoulders to grab some refreshing water.

Stay hydrated with water bottle pockets


Four – Becoming a mobile office
Talking of laptop compartments…With Naneu bags, you can take your office anyway. Rather than waiting until you get home to edit images, you can take your laptop along and edit on location, surrounded by the mountains, forests or where ever you have ventured out to with your camera.What’s more, Most Naneu bags boast a headphone slot, so you can keep your iPod/iPhone in the bag and then listen you your favourite tunes while making your way to your next photoshoot.

Don’t leave the laptop at home, bring it along


Three – Carrying your tripod
While holding your tripod isn’t the greatest hardship in the world, it’s always nicer to have two free hands. Naneu bags come with a special tripod holder that folds away when you don’t need it, and folds out when you do. This feature is especially important if you plan to negotiate difficult terrain where using two hands to scramble up some rocks could be hazardous with only one spare hand.

Go hands-free with our tripod holders

Two – Travelling through airports
Ever done that mad dash through the departure lounge when the final call for your flight has just been announced? Sure, we’ve all been there, but with Naneu bags, we’ll help you get to the departure gate in record time. Naneu’s U220N bags is a roller, so you can simply pull up the handle and let the wheels do the hard work. Better still, bags like the Naneu Sahara 113f have a trolley flap on their rear, allowing you to slot it onto the handle of your roller bag and take advantage of the wheels a second time.

Beat the rush at the airport!

One – Beating the elements
Naneu bags are stacked with features to help protect your kit. Along with being made from super-tough water resistant materials, bags come with an additional rain cover for an extra layer of protection. Naneu’s Outlander range are hybrid bags, which allow you to carry your photo kit, plus extra camping items such as a tent or shelter – incredibly useful if the weather gets bad and you have to stop to take cover for a while. But it’s not just weather, that Naneu Bags help you beat, they also help shield photographers from unwanted attention. Our Military Ops Alpha bags…well, simply don’t look like camera bags, offering you an extra levels of discretion when travelling from photoshoot to photoshoot with an expensive amount of equipment sitting on your shoulders.

Protect your kit from the rain!

Keep a low profile with our Alpha range!