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Naneu original design is the secured DSLR backpacks for Nikon and Canon with back opening system. Best camera and outdoor pack you can only find in our selection.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder DSLR camera bags and cases designed with versatility in mind. Dual function for Nikon, Canon or Pentax DSLR accommodate multiple lenses with LAPTOP compartment.

Holster Cases

Holds your DSLR with lens attached, face down, in shooting position. When you’re ready to shoot, simply remove your camera, get the shot and replace your camera in the bag.


Our original and revolutionary Parastrap (patent pending) is a parachute style shoulder strap that is designed to ease the carrying weight from the photographer’s shoulder.

Innovative carrying solutions for Outdoor photographers and Street Photography
Naneu is the brand of the Outdoor Hybrid camera backpacks. Our original and innovative solutions transport all your photography gear safe and secure. Top quality adventure photo bags and Digital SLR backpacks.

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