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Jean-Francois O’Kane

Jean-Francois O’Kane discovered photography at the age of 13. It was a passion since the beginning. He quickly came to understand that photography would allow him to capture instantly important events unfolding around him.

After finishing his studies, Mr. O’Kane began his professional career as a representative and advisor for photographers and photographic studios as he also took numerous photography contracts during evenings and weekends, which lead, in 1997, to the foundation of his own company, ODCPhoto, today called OKANE His approach was to develop and offer his clientele, whether industrial, commercial or charitable, a complete line of services from traditional photography to health and safety video production. By creating a mobile studio, Mr. O’Kane quickly developed a reputation for his creative efficiency.

Since 2004, Jean-François O’Kane, also known as The StudioCoach, has traveled across North America, Europe and Asia sharing his knowledge and passion through conferences, lectures, and trade shows. He spoke to over 100 000 students in 56 different cities in 12 countries

To this day, he is well known by his clients and students for his ability to adapt to almost any situation. Weather he has to shoot on a construction site, at a client’s office or while traveling he always finds the way to bring the right equipment to build a studio anywhere he is and Naneu Pro bags, sure play a big role in his success !

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O'Kane communication

Notre grande expertise dans les domaines de la photographie et de la vidéo nous permet d’offrir à tous nos clients un service de qualité, dépassant toutes les normes établies dans ces champs d’expertises. Nos compétences en photographie nous ont menées à la découverte de nombreuses nouvelles techni…




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