Military Tech

Military Tech

We kept it and slim and snug to fit your bike ride.

Military Tech line slim cases are designed to carry a laptop and a few other essential items so you can hop on the bike and go. There are 3 ways that the Military Tech can be carried; by the shoulder strap, handle or with the messenger strap. Featuring a fold out or removable messenger strap, the Military Tech bags can be safely worn while riding a bicycle. Once you are done riding, you can continue to use the bag as a messenger bag or you can use the shoulder strap to use it as a traditional laptop bag. The MT13 takes 13.3" Notebooks, MT15 15.4" and MT17 17" laptops.  It’s the perfect case for Mac users and messengers.

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Military Tech MT13 Slim Laptop Case
The Military Tech series are lightweight bags designed to convert into a sling style bag w..


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