Military Ops

Military Ops

Ready to shield and conceal your gear.

Military inspired camera bags in look and quality. Our original design of casual looking bags that don't look like camera bags with a hidden back access to the gear for security purposes. Very versatile and adaptable for non-photography use. Digital camera bags that convert easily into an all-day travel bag and backpack made out of durable CORDURA. 

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Military Ops Alpha Camera Backpack
Military Ops Alpha camera backpack is one of the best all-around travel backpacks that has been with..
Military Ops Alpha-L Camera Backpack
Military Ops Alpha-L camera backpack is similar to the Alpha but with a laptop compartment and ..
Military Ops Bravo Camera Backpack
The Bravo camera backpack is a bit smaller than its brother, the Alpha. It is designed to look less ..


Innovative carrying solutions for Outdoor photographers and Street Photography

Naneu is the brand of the Outdoor Hybrid camera backpacks. Our original and innovative solutions transport all your photography gear safe and secure. Top quality adventure camera bags and SLR backpacks. Naneu camera bags are designed with security and versatility in mind. The company was founded by.....

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